top of page are a leading Domain Appraisal , Brokerage and Acquisition company that pride ourselves in putting our clients first. Our clients will always be number 1. We provide a high level of service that many domain brokerages in today's market just will not provide. Since launching as a brokerage service has already helped close well into the 7 figure price range for our clients in our first 6 months operating. BQDN has now been operating since May 2015 and has sold over $14 Million dollars worth of domain names. is not just a normal domain sales website. We help people and businesses
around the world acquire the domain name they want or need for their brand and also help sell domain names to end user companies. We have a vast array of Domains for sale through our site, as well as this we offer a domain acquisition service if there is a particular domain you are interested in purchasing.

Domain Names are virtual real estate and is the place to go if you want to get the best price for your digital asset. We have clients across the globe including places such as China, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, UK, USA and many more. You can see some of our previous sales here.

We help people and businesses connect and if you have the right domain name, we will get it in front of the relevant company and do everything in our power to achieve the number that you want. is a reliable, quick and easy company to use and we are very open about how we operate and make sure everything is crystal clear to all parties involved.

We aim to deliver on all of our domains and we value our customers from all around the world. Whether we are helping with domain Appraisal, Brokerage or Acquisition we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. To find out more about our services or a particular domain please don't hesitate to get in touch with us here.



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